March 31, 2021

Good afternoon and happy spring!

I hope that the warming temperatures and green grass has placed winter behind us and presents us with continued improvements ahead. On the academic front, we have our students moving forward with in-person learning five days a week. Our attendance and performance in the classroom have continued to improve, despite the challenges faced by schools during this pandemic. These unprecedented times have challenged every student, staff member, family, and community stakeholder in various ways. Although times have been difficult, we continue to persevere as a district and communities. As we continue to move forward, our goal is to establish a new normal for students and stakeholders in the La Moille School District.

A significant change occurring in our district, as we move to a new normal, will be the reconfiguration of our grade levels and buildings in our district. The Van Orin K-3 school will move to the Allen building, which will become a K-6 facility. To complete this transition, grades 7 and 8 will move to the current high school building.


This is an exciting time for our district, as we best utilize our facilities and continue to enhance the educational platform. As we continue to move forward with our district reconfiguration, the April board of education meeting will offer an opportunity for discussions. I am also available to discuss any questions stakeholders may have. We intend to have an open house later this year, when the transition is complete, and the buildings are prepared for our return. A date will be forthcoming. We will be ready to ring the Allen bell on August 16 as we kick off a new school year!

Thank you for your continued support.

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