High School Staff

Meet The Staff

Mr. Jay McCracken: Interim District Superintendent

Mrs. Emily Leffelman: High School Principal

Cathy Griffin: High School Secretary

Janice Klein: District Bookkeeper

Katie Shevokas: Counselor

Laurie DeSchepper: Business and Computers

Mericille Ellena: Mathematics

Joshua Shaw: Social Sciences

Jeff Biederstedt: Science

Ashley Johnson: Agricultural Education and FFA Sponsor

​Linda Whitmore: English, Yearbook, Careers, and Drama

Joseph Skotzke: English

Brent Kalsto: PE and Driver's Ed

Rebecca Conley: Health

John Romer: Art & District AD

Jason Kazen: Band and Choir

Taylor Breedlove: Special Education

Linsey Deery: Paraprofessional

Sara Sellers: Paraprofessional

Jan Geuther: Cook

Karen Carlson: Assistant Cook

Bill Klein: Custodial

Cindy Martin: Nurse