Dear LHS Families:

I want to begin by saying how incredibly proud I am of our staff and the hard work they have put

in to ensure that our students, your children, get the best possible education during this period

of remote learning. While this will never make up for having that caring adult working directly

with a classroom of teenagers, we believe we are doing our very best to stay educationally

connected with our students.

The purpose of this email is to provide an overview of the LHS remote learning protocols and

expectations. Your child’s teacher will be providing additional information later this week.

Our start date for remote learning will be Thursday, April 2, 2020.

Student attendance/check-in will be recorded as students access Google classroom or

communicate by emails. Assignments, check-ins, and/or class announcements will be posted

by the teacher no later than 8:30 am each day. Students should log in by 8:30 am each day –

or according to the schedule established by their teacher.

Teachers will be available between 8am and 1pm. If you need to reach your child’s teacher,

please email them. Teachers will respond within 24-hours of receiving your email.

During the period of remote learning, teachers will be assigning lessons that students will

complete and submit for a grade. The focus is for students to either maintain the grade they

had prior to the school closure or to improve it. Student assignments that are not submitted will

be marked as missing on Teacher Ease. Together, we will work on assisting all students with

work completion.

We have high expectations for our La Moille High School students. Most important, we

BELIEVE in our students and that each one of them wants to get a good education! Our

teachers are doing everything they can to make this tough situation work. We want all our

students to provide their best effort as well. Be respectful of your classmates and teachers. Do

your work, ask questions and BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!!

Please be on the lookout for additional information from your child’s teachers this week. This is

going to be a learning process for all of us and together we will meet the challenge.

Stay healthy and safe.

Thank you and have a good evening.

Mr. Ziegler

My email is

My school cell is 815-910-0274

2019/2020 LCHS PROM

Hi All. The LaMoille Jr/Sr Prom scheduled May 2nd will be postponed until a later date. The plan to reschedule is based on the state of our country and the responses from our Jr/Sr students. Mrs. DeLong really needs your input on this. So, please contact her at

Pictures and Videos from Graduation 2020 are found on the Graduation 2020 page under the High School page or by clicking this link.

La Moille-Ohio Volleyball Team

Amboy-La Moille-Ohio Football Team

2020/2021 Info

With summer here, it’s time to start getting our football machine in motion! The Amboy/La Moille football co-op coaches are having a meeting tomorrow, Tues June 9th, outside by the Amboy High School football field. To keep with the state guideline gathering numbers, we will meet by grades:

6-615pm for incoming seniors;

615-630pm for incoming juniors;

630-645pm for incoming freshmen & sophomores

This is a mandatory meeting for anyone interested in playing. We look forward to seeing you all!

Have a great day

Amboy-La Moille-Ohio Cross Country Team

Mission Statement

La Moille Schools will provide a safe, quality education that promotes critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication. We strive to inspire life-long learners who are respectful and responsible citizens of a changing world.

801 S. Main Street

La Moille, IL 61330

Phone: (815) 638-2144

Interim Superintendent: Mr. Jay McCracken

Principal: Mr. Brent Ziegler

Vision Statement

To provide the opportunity for all students to achieve academic and personal excellence. We will challenge and engage our students in a caring, collaborative, learning community through meaningful programs meeting the highest educational standards.