The following programs can be accessed at home. Please click on the link and log-in. If you do not know your log-in information, please ask your teacher.

Lexia Core5- Lexia Reading Core5 provides students immediate corrective feedback, multiple levels of scaffolding, and explicit instruction both online and through direct instruction with the teacher. Students work independently to develop reading skills in a structured, sequential manner with a focus on:

  • Foundational skills to develop automaticity and fluency

  • Listening and reading comprehension with complex text

  • Academic and domain-specific vocabulary to improve comprehension

Each student follows a personalized learning path, with adaptive placement and pacing in activities designed specifically for the Common Core and the most rigorous state standards.

To log-in on the web, please click here. Please click here to view the app in the Apple app store to download. To download the app via the Google Playstore, please click here.

Reflex Math- Reflex math is an adaptive math fact fluency program that helps student to become fluent in addition/subtraction and multiplication/division in a fun, game-based way. Students can access via the web and the Apple app in the app store.

Prodigy- Prodigy is a free, online, math-based, curriculum aligned, role playing game. Featuring over 50,000 questions spanning Grades 1 - 8 in 4 different curricula, players will get to watch their very own wizard grow stronger, learn new spells and acquire new equipment while facing ever more powerful opponents, all by answering math questions!


  • To proliferate high-quality math education- Making immersive math learning apps available to children, world-wide

  • To empower teachers and parents- Offering a rich set of intuitive and versatile math teaching resource

  • To make math intriguing- Fostering in students of all ages an appreciation of the beauty in math and its relevance in everyday life

  • To open the gates to scientific thinking- Mastering analytic reasoning and nurturing insightful discovery

Britannica School-

Improve student performance, strengthen teacher effectiveness, and maximize the use of your technology with Britannica School. Access content on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or any Internet-connected device with a Web browser.

Support for Differentiated Learning

Three user-friendly interfaces—Elementary, Middle, and High—make it easy to select the portal appropriate to each student’s reading, grade, and age level.

Nonfiction Content Aligned to the Common Core and State Standards

Informational text selections are written, edited, reviewed, and updated regularly by the world’s leading content experts. Thousands of new articles, images, and multimedia elements are added every quarter.

Interactivity with an Instructional Purpose

Students and teachers can easily search, tag, save, and share content. The Lesson Plan Builder helps create interactive activities for small and large groups.